Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Am I wrong to love Marie Antointte?

When I was a little girl and I first heard the story of "let them eat cake" I thought what a nice queen Marie must have been. When she heard that her people were starving and were out of bread, she did what any good hostess would do. She offered the best that she had. "Bread, why give them bread,let them eat cake! Heck, I've got tons of the stuff!" Yeah I know. Listen I said I was a little girl at the time. But the truth is that I feel for the woman. Yeah, I know the people of France were treated horribly. I'd say it was practically Dickensian, if it weren't the wrong era and country. Any way it sucked. I know.

Oh, but I do love fashion. Just the idea of being wrapped in yards of lovely silks, and luxurious colors. Hundreds of wonderful covered buttons in a row. Corsets with ribbons, miles of ribbons. And shoes that look good enough to eat!

Yes, I know the peasants can't eat shoes. It's wrong. It can't be justified. I certainly don't have the money to spend on clothes like these. But I confess. I have more then one pair of shoes I couldn't afford at the time. And a fabulous Scarlet (of course) red gown in my closet. And I don't feel a bit guilty. So off with my head if I'm wrong!


Eva said...

Let's take a stroll in the Palais de Glaces together wrapped in our nicest puffy dress and stuffing our faces with cake and all kinds of pastry... Marie Antoinette was the original It girl and had the best sense of fashion...

Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

I knew you would understand! In fact I wish I had a servant to type out my blogs that would spell for me and correct all my typos. I would as Gwen Stephani says "dress her wicked" too! Yes, I think you and I and Ana were born at the wrong time. In our salon we could plan our outfit so they would set each others off to their best likeness. One day all pinks the next all blacks. We would have had the courts spinning. And got out of town in time to keep our heads!

Rerun said...

I thought this quote would be apt for your post.

"Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities."
- Frank Lloyd Wright

Ana said...

But what people don't know about Bev is that she may actually have been Marie Antoinette in another life, but I'll let her tell her own tales.

Eva -- Yes, let's stroll! And I like the cake eating in fabulous gowns -- yummy and challenging!

Rerun -- So true!