Thursday, December 11, 2008

So this brings me to my past lives...

I am not saying that I was Cleopatra. That seems presumptuous and well, just pushy. But I do think I may have been best friends with her. I lived in New York City when I was a little girl. When I was about five my mother took me to see the mummies. She said I just stared at this one of a ancient princess with my face pressed against the glass and wouldn't move. She later said it was very weird and a little scary. And she knows about kids. My mother was a fourth grade teacher for thirty five years. She said that ever since that day I was fascinated with anything Egyptian. Of course I don't know if that mummy was a friend of Cleo's or if it was her exactly that I was friend's with, or another of the posh queens of Egypt. But I was there. And I know I looked good.

The thing that Ana was hinting at about me and Marie is, not that I was her, but again I think I may have been somewhere close by on the scene. You see the other weird thing (yes, there are many) is that I have always had this thing about my neck. Since I was a child I can't stand anyone touching it. And ever since I saw A Tale of Two Cities with Ronald Colman on the TV as a kid, I have had a dreaded the idea of Madame Guillotine! Of course I know this is not very scientific. I mean what kid says Gee! The guillotine! I'd sure like to try that! But still I have a feeling.

In an effort to be more analytical I went to a psychic. She mentioned nothing about Cleopatra, Marie, France or Egypt. But said yes, I had lived many lives before. The only one that she could see clearly was me as a bright red haired scullery maid. I know! But she did say without knowing about my weird neck phobia was that I had been strangled to death by the Master of the houses son with whom I was having an affair. Well, I don't know what to do with that. First, hello I have red hair, I am Scottish/Irish and if you live outside of Boston that just practically spells servant. I mean the strangling thing is pretty cool, but still. I think someone liked Romance novels too much. Besides, me a servant! Although I to like to polish silver and iron.

One common thread (no pun intended) seemed to be the wardrobe. Love the clothes! As I have said. I cannot get enough. Silks, Tweeds, Linen,Lace. Red kid leather gloves,black cashmere dresses, a camel hair trench coat. Did I mention hats? I look great in hats. These are a few of my favorite things. Heaven. That and jewels. Real, paste, one perfect diamond or ropes of pearls it's all good. Edwardian women knew how to pull it all together better then anyone. Plus they really made being a courtesan a world class job. I mean how big a dope was Mata Hari to screw that deal up. Everyone knows that during times of war you get outta town, nurse the soldiers and sing to the troops till it all dies down. Don't try to be a spy if you don't have the smarts for it.
I know a person must be a good person. Do good works. Be kind. Give alms whenever possible. Be spiritual, look beyond themselves, ask why am I here? Face their fears. Make the world better for those that follow. I just think we should have style while we do it.

Now, I don't know if I was ever a man, but if I was, I was like this guy! He is the coolest! Oh, and I was gay. And I loved him.

In the end I do think life is a circle of some kind. Maybe there is nothing after this but a void. It's just that, that sounds so dull. Maybe there is a better place, a heaven. Or perhaps each persons idea of what heaven would be. Mine would have movie theaters, and great restaurants, where I could have dinner with my friends. My loved ones would of course be there. But, ya know not all the time. And need I say we would all be dressed fabulously. Yes, all the art, all the music! Heaven! Or maybe I'll end up coming back a few more times. In the end I think I have an idea of what I'd like to end up being.


Rerun said...


I love the pictures in your post. I also posted the Jacques Brel song for your daughter on my blog.

Ana said...

Bev... loved this!!!!

Was the psychic the same one who told me that I died in a shack in the woods in medieval France during childbirth? Or was it The Duchess?

A very fun post!

aishoka said...

A challenge for you Bev:

What movie is this from?

"How come in former lifetimes, everybody is someone famous? How come nobody ever says they were Joe Schmo?"

But I know you were a fabulous babe!

Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

Bull Durham of course! Silly woman.

Eva said...

How amazing! Past lives have always fascinated me and I was unfortunate enough to not be able to find a proper psychic who would be able to tell me who I was in the past. A friend of mine did have a notebook containing a recipe for self hypnosis. She kept telling me not to do it so I obviously did it and from what I could gather before I woke up suddenly was that I used to be a peasant during the middle ages and I was a man, which might explain my outrageously square jaw...

Still, I'm fascinated by what you said about your neck... We would definitely have been best buddies if we had been to high School together! :o)

Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

Eva: I love that you did it anyway. I would have too! I have this CD that you can listen to and it's suppose to relax you back into your past life, but I fell asleep. I bet we did go to some school together...,maybe a convent, that we escaped!