Thursday, January 22, 2009


It falls like a ball from the center of the sun.
Curving fast round the corner, weightless and on target right through the center of my third eye.
It burns white and flashes bright with a purple hue and nests in the back at the top of my spine.
That’s when the world starts to glow ultra-violet with heat rather then light.
Then comes the pain.
Constant, humming…hum, hum.

You take the white pill, three times now. When one would have worked,
how long ago?
Crawling for a dark place and waiting for the angels to come
Seeing only flashing white wings.
But the warm flows like honey over the pain, over the light and the wings drip with it.
When the sun fades to an ember it fades darker to black.

You catch your breath with your fists from a sleep too deep.
But you want your honey back and you’ve grown afraid of the sun


Eva said...

You poor thing!... Still, a very nice poem!

Michelle H. said...

So sorry to hear about the migraine. Maybe we should make a club since we both one. Migraines Anonymous.

Hope you feel better soon!

Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

Thanks guys. It amazes me that the doctors will con't to give you drugs like vicodine for as long as you want them. Now I take water, lots of chocolate and extra magnesium. Works better and you don't almost die!

I am not a poet, but I promised I would try something new once a week. It's only January 23rd. Early for breaking a resolution. Even for me!

Ana said...

"But the warm flows like honey over the pain, over the light and the wings drip with it."

The best line of poetry I've read in ages.

Good for you keeping your resolution. I've completely given up on making them.

Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

Your so good to me.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. Feel better. (And nice poem!)

Small Footprints said...

I'm so sorry you have migraines ... they are just the worst. I like your cure, though ... water, chocolate and magnesium. But wait ... aren't those suffering from migraines supposed to stay away from chocolate? Or is that coffee?

I am amazed that you aren't a poet ... you did beautifully on this one ... and totally conveyed the experience.

BTW ... thank you for your kind comments on reduce footprints. You made my day! :) I'm going to follow you and add you to my blog roll ... hope you won't mind!

Feel Better!

Small Footprints

Embee said...

For people who suffer migraines those images and experiences are familiar. Usually I know within the first line or two if a poem is good enough to hold my interest. I generally don't have a lot of patience with poetry. It's hard to do well and if it's not good I don't even bother. But I read your whole poem. The imagery was great and I liked the way you made the words come alive!

Anonymous said...

Magnesium? Really?

Anonymous said...

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