Monday, March 23, 2009

Brave New Writer

Dear friends,
You are all such good writers and storytellers that I often find myself frozen in place unable to write. I want things to be perfect and just right. So much so that I get in my own way and end up not writing at all. As my great friend Ana, at Truepenny has said, this will not do. I must throw myself into the fray and just write something everyday. Even if it may as that sentence just did, rhyme by accident. Sorry.
My lovely daughter Emma, who is both witty and wise, said that I must look at this as a sketchbook. Don’t be perfect; just get it on the page. So if you will all put up with my bad spelling and grammar I will try to be here more often. Not frozen, but warm. Writing and playing with all of you who are so brave and talented.



Gorilla Bananas said...

Accidental rhymes are great! Have you seen the movie Happy Gilmore?

scarlet-blue said...

Yep, just throw yourself into it and remember that everyone is unique. Including you.

Eva said...

I miss you! Even if you were writing about the weather outside, I'd still be there to read it.

Deborah said...

Not that long ago, I had exactly the same experience! I didn't feel like I couldn't write, I just felt like I wrote crap. If you'd call a writer's block word obstipation, I was suffering from word diarrhoea:

The thing is to keep writing, and stay critical of yourself at the same time.

It will pass, you'll be proud of some of your sketches again, I promise!


Ana said...

'Atta girl!

Peter N said...

Thawed and warm is great. Never doubt yourself. You're too talented.

laughingwolf said...

no such thing as 'perfect' anything, beverly... just do what you can, polish it, and set it free :)

all i've seen of yours is very well done, btw

Anonymous said...

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