Monday, March 9, 2009


Last night the flu finally was officially gone. I proclaimed myself well and took my daughter to go see The Watchmen. What’s that you say? Is Beverly a nerd? Well, in fact I am a bit of a nerd. A sexy, red headed diva of all that is smart, fun and not boring, nerd. I confess to loving Comic-…err…graphic novels, the first Matrix movie and yes, I am looking forward to the new Star Trek film.
That being said, one of my favorite things about going to the movies is watching the previews. I am sure that I eat most of my popcorn while in a daze of the hard sell adrenaline rush of each 3-5 minute concentrated clip of the latest action packed movie. Well, on this night before even the previews, this video played:
Man, I was pumped! I was ready to sign my daughter up! My wonderful, nature child. My garden loving, beautiful girl. Then it occurred to me that sending any soldiers to war was no longer the best solution. Sending this video is.
Now, I love my country. If I had to say in what direction my political leaning turned, I would happily confess to the left. But, keep in mind too that my husband served in the Air Force for ten years and I was right there with him. We traveled the globe and I did my part to be a good military wife. So, I understand that no solution is an easy one and I am proud of any one who would put them selves on the line for what they believe in.
But I wonder if putting our men and women in harms way is the best move anymore? I say lets just blind our enemies with American sunshine. Lets block their satellites and put all their TV channels on MTV or NASCAR. Only stopping for Coke advertisements, and superhero movies. Let us parachute in McDonald’s hamburgers; KFC fried chicken, chocolate bars, and Playstations!
I know that America is often seen as the arrogant, teenager of the world. That many of us couldn’t point to Europe on a map, never mind a specific country. We don’t always respect other people’s cultures, history, or opinions. We also voted in office, twice, a bumbling cowboy, who was probably a lot more fun in the days when he was drinking.
But, I also believe that America is the cool kid. The one you want to invite to the party, because if we don’t show up it’s not really a party, it’s a gathering. I mean come on; we invented rock and roll! We are loud and brash, but we know how to dance, and we want everyone to have a goodtime. We also want them to have a big car and a big highway and a Big Mac.
Have I become the neo-hippy? Make hamburgers not war? Is this a bad thing? I am a little scared that I can’t tell.

Peace Out!


Gorilla Bananas said...

Have you heard of Miss Kayla Kromer from Texas? She actually made a hamburger bed! I was very cheeky about her in a blog post, but she still made me her Facebook friend. That's the big generous American spirit.

Ana said...

Oh my darling Bev. I love your accurate perception of our problems and your witty and gay solutions. They should send a fleet of Bevs in, all wearing tiny little white shorts, clear platform stiletto's, white fishnet thigh-hi's and low-cut white sailor shirts, holding Coca-Cola's and winking as the blue ribbons of their little sailor-boy hats fluttered in their heavily mascara'd eyes. The world would be a better place.

I'm off to have a (rum and)Coke and sing I'm Proud to Be an American.

laughingwolf said...

grats on shaking the bug! :)

was it no lincoln who said words to the effect: if i make my enemy my friend, have i not defeated him?

Anonymous said...

Real hippies make tofu burgers, not war.

But I think I'm in the same boat as you. I'm not a pacifist because I don't want to mindlessly buy in to peace, but I can't mindlessly buy in to war either.

We should parachute in some other American art forms, like jazz music and the Muppets.

How did you like Watchmen?

(By the way, I don't think you have to log in on my blog--just use the same e-mail address when you leave a comment.)

Eva said...

And this is why I love you guys so much... Simple but so straight to the point and accurate... (and I also love Ana's comment...)

Deborah said...

I think it's hilarious and probably very effective, blocking their satellites, putting all their TV channels on MTV or NASCAR and parachuting in American delicacies and Playstations! But don't you think it's rather a low budget solution, in comparison to building Afgahn villages in America to train your soldiers and God knows what else is going on these days?
To me, it sounds more like an Italian arthouse movie than a Hollywood blockbuster...

The Topiary Cow said...

Ah, beautifully illustrated blog and well-written, too.

Cow waiting for Star Trek moovie too! Looks good.

Cow problem with the Warrior video is, National Guard is supposed to be home defense, not Iraq or Afghanistan invasion. As she understands it.

Cow thinks, if we need foreign military, be honest, have a draft, let there be protests, don't hide it by surreptitiously sending people who signed up to help with tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes.

Just a humble Topiary opinion.


EmmaK said...

Lol .... I never thought of the USA as cool. But I guess the Brits look down their noses at everyone. New York, yes, that city is the coolest thing on the planet. But the USA, not so much! And of course you don't do yourselves any favors as most of the yanks who travel to the UK are of course those seniors in the loud tartan shorts and sun visors who are ten times louder than the average person: "I love your country - it is so old!"

kate said...

that video creeps me out a bit, definitely targeted at a certain NASCAR part of the country. the end was better, I prefer "peacemaker" themes for propaganda as opposed to heavy metal music blaring "warrior!" in the background.

you are in a tough place being both a pacifist and wife of a former Air Force officer...although I can't imagine your husband in combat, he'd just try to take the enemy surfing, maybe that's the key to world peace? make Obama and Osama Bin Laden paddle out together?

Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

Ah, dear friends so wise you all are...
Gorilla Bananas: Hamburger lovers are kind and generous by nature. But I hope you lay on top of the bun. That patty would be sticky!

Ana: Only you truly understand me. Can I get one of those sailor suits too?

Wolfie:Lincoln was so smart and so tall. Just what was he keeping under that hat? I bet it was a Coke and a pack of smokes;)

Brandon: Hey man... I dig you! I say Jazz and Muppets are too high an art form for extremists. First we win them over with high octane American crap then move to the lush life!

Eva: my dear who loves me even though I am an ugly (if not cute) American

Deborah: Too true. That film needs to be made!

Toppy: I agree completely about the National Guard! The frustration for those families. And don't get me started on stop-loss. Is this anyway to run a war?

EmmaK: We invented Rock and Roll, but the British perfected it! N.Y. is the coolest, as is San Francisco, and would you believe parts of Texas? I know, I know, those tourist are scary. They dress like that here too! I promise we are not all Gerry Springer just as your all not Little Briton. You yourself is "totes cool" I can tell.

Katie: You so right about Bob! Now how can we get those guys on those boards? I bet Obama can surf and probably hang ten!

EmmaK said...

Hey sexy! Did you know I've lived in Baltimore USA for nine years would you believe so I know a bit about Americans. Not that much though, haven't had much time to travel around the country because of the wee bits of baggage, the kids. But yes, I've heard Austin Texas is cool.

laughingwolf said...

cold be, beverly... or a very short woman? :O lol

Peter N said...

It's OK not to be able to tell. You will!