Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today I Saw Love.

Today I saw two people fall in love.
That is I want to believe I saw two people fall in love.
I was driving down a lonely long stretch of road, when I noticed two cars pulled over by the side of the road. One car was a classic convertible Mustang: white with two cherry red racing stripes. The other was a small equally cherry red, ecological hybrid. Standing between them was a man and a woman in their mid twenties staring down at a very large, very misguided turtle that was by the look of it heading out to cross that road.
The man was wearing faded jeans and a white oxford shirt. He had soft curly blond hair. The woman was a petit brunet wearing a black and white striped t-shirt and a short red shirt. One hand was on her hip; the other was directed toward the turtle. He had one hand scratching his hair and the other on his hip. They were laughing. They were nervous. Nervous for the turtle, but their body language said that they were nervous with each other too.
Would he play the hero and try to move the turtle himself? Would she be a game girl and lend a hand? Would they both take a risk and slide their fingers carefully under his shell? Would the side step together across the street laughing and worrying about that ancient beast’s choppers. Would he worry more for her safety then his own? Would she feel guilty that she had somehow gotten him into this potentially dangerous mess? Would they laugh while they saved the turtle?
Would this adventure bind them together? After placing the turtle safety by the bank of the river that ran along the other side of the road, would they look into each other’s eyes and know each other? She might offer to buy him a beer? He might follow her to the restaurant down the road? They might sit together on the deck watching the sunset, talking and falling in love.
I know that this sounds ridiculously romantic. That it is more likely that they nudged the turtle back off the road with their feet, facing him away from the river to confuse him. This would be the easier, safer thing to do. Then they probably climbed back into their own cars, smiled and maybe waved to each other, as they drove away in opposite directions. Days later they might pass one another on the street and not recognize each other. The moment would have passed with out love.
But you see in the seconds it took me to pass the two on the road there was a rainbow. A perfect double rainbow, which stretched across the whole sky over their heads and they never, noticed it. It must mean something. It has too. Or there is no such thing as a perfect moment. Or fate, or kismet or the chance that the universe could come together for one perfect moment.
Today I saw two people fall in love.
I am certain they did.


Gorilla Bananas said...

The love was in your mind, but then all love is in someone's mind.

Lulu LaBonne said...

You're clearly an incurable romantic.

kate said...

I saw that very same rainbow last night, I hope those two people did fall in love, AND save the turtle, that would indeed make a happy ending.

Ana said...

Okay, my slightly darker version of that same story? He ran over said turtle with his fast car, she came upon the carnage in her ecomobile, they argued and had hot sex in the woods on the side of the road. Under the rainbow.

laughingwolf said...

nah... too cliched ;) lol

mapstew said...

I fuckin' love it!

Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

My what grumps most of you are! I tell you it was love. Why is that so had to believe?
GB: When did you get so egsistentia? I suppose my response should be a blank comment. Well, as long as I am in your mind.
Lulu: I hope to always be. But not a fool I also hope.

Kate: Whew! Thank you! You do indeed see.

Ana; OK yes that could have happened too. But could they just save the turtle then have the hot sex?

Wolfie: Your such a cool lone wolf. :O

Mappy: Darling this is why I love you! A romantic at last!

aishoka said...

Those vintage Mustangs get TERRIBLE mileage...and an adult turtle can easily take your finger off with one bite...(you know I'm not big on the rosy optimism!!)

Ann said...

I loved this. :)